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know your pan jurisdiction

PAN card is an important document that is needed for each financial transaction more than Rs.50, 000 (Fifty Thousand). It is significant to know your PAN Jurisdiction as sometimes you have to convene your jurisdictional assessing officer that directly connects with your PAN card number. Every PAN card number has its own specific jurisdiction that allows holders to take tax verdicts as well as to make decisions about it.

What is PAN Card Jurisdiction?

A person who has a jurisdiction is known as Accessing Officer (AO). He has all the power to take decisions for the tax under the act. Based on the volume of income of Indian citizens, the Central Board of Direct Taxes owed diverse categories of officers such as assistant commissioner, deputy commissioner, joint commissioner, etc. You cannot find your jurisdiction PAN code in your permanent account card numbers as Accessing Officers may alter as per their pay scales. In that case, we have to know our jurisdiction accessing officer’s information in the database that is stored in the database of Income tax department.
Important website links to know your PAN Card jurisdiction:

Steps to Know Your Jurisdiction:

Now, it is not necessary to go to the Income Tax Department, as all the essential information is available on official websites. Now, it is very easy to know PAN Jurisdiction details if you have your PAN Card Number. Here is step by step procedure of know your PAN jurisdiction AO, Just follow these steps:
  1. First Visit to e-Filing Home Page at, here you will “Services” Section on left side of page, Under which there are several option available to Income Tax.
  2. You have to Click on “A.O.” Now one popup will appear and you will be asked for Login as “Please Login and navigate to Profile Settings -> My Profile to view the details.”
  3. If you have already registered with Income Tax e Filing Site, then please enter login details for future process, If not
  4. Then you have to first registered with Income e-Filing Official site to Know Your Jurisdictional A.O. Online.
  5. Now Lets Start with Login, Enter Login Details as User ID (its PAN Number), Password, Date of Birth and Enter the Code as shown in Image or you can use “Request OTP” Method instead of writing Captcha Code, Now Click on “Login” button.
  1. Now you are at your Dashboard, where you have different options on Menu bar as My Account, e-File, Compliance, PMGKY, Profile Settings, Worklist, e-Processing, e-Nivaran, Here you have to Click on “Profile Settings“, One drop down list will open where you have to select “My Profile”
  2. Now you landed to My Profile Page with different details as PAN Details, Address and Contact Details

  3. You have to click on “PAN Details” in order to view PAN as well as to Know Jurisdiction Details

  4. Get complete details as soon as feasible because after fifteen minutes session will end involuntarily. In that case, you have to load the page again and start with a new session.
  5. Finally you have Known Your Jurisdictional Accessing Officer(A.O.) Income Tax.
  6. PAN Card holders can also know their TAN Jurisdiction as all the importations related to PAN card is simply present on the website of Indian Government.

  7. Method to Change Your PAN Jurisdiction:

    • It is very simple to alter or change your jurisdiction details. By following below given steps you can alter your jurisdiction.
    • First, fill up six copies of application form and send it to Accessing Officer and CIT as per rules of Income Tax Department Act that was established in 1961.
    • After getting your file, the tax department will assign new AO officer. But, the repayment process is done through Central Processing Centre or CPC.

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